House for a dog on the street, how to make an enclosure
December 9, 2019 Construction Elena Kerra It is unthinkable to live in a private house without a dog. Firstly,
South African Boerboel
Features of the breed and character The South African Boerboel is one of the breeds that is not recognized by the largest international
Veterinarian examining Labrador
6 reasons why red spots appear on a dog's nose
Redness of the skin in dogs. The skin is the most important organ, as it protects the tissues
A dog licks an area of ​​the body
My dog ​​has an ALLERGY! Treatment and prevention.
The appearance of itching, peeling of the skin and hair loss often indicate the appearance of atopic dermatitis.
Russian hound: what is the character of the dog? Care and maintenance rules
History These animals appeared as a result of crossing the Russian hound with English and French similar ones.
Stomach ulcer in a dog: symptoms and treatment
Stomach ulcers in dogs Dogs are the most intelligent, loyal and obedient pets that
How to sew a carrier bag for dogs with your own hands (patterns, photos)
Owners of decorative breeds get so used to their four-legged friend that they constantly carry him
Cataracts in dogs
Cataract surgery for dogs in Rostov
Causes If you notice a light spot in the pupil area on your pet, then this is an alarming
Photo 6
Norwich Terrier is a smart and caring dog
History of the breed The ancestors of the Cairn Terriers are the oldest Scottish terriers, from which the Cairns inherited the magnificent
Home Remedies to Eliminate Ticks from My Dog
Ticks on dogs. Remedies for dog ticks
How to identify a tick Ticks are a type of ectoparasitic tick, that is, parasites that settle in