Estrus, pregnancy and childbirth of Amstaff
History of the American Staffordshire Terrier breed American Staffordshire Terrier Desire to witness cruel and bloody scenes
Jack Russell Terrier
Basics of the Standard The Jack Russell Terrier breed standard includes the following features: appearance and proportions; movements;
Pomeranian Spitz
Pets >> Dog breeds * Here is a photo of a typical representative of the Pomeranian dog breed
How much does a Doberman cost?
The Doberman is a noble and courageous medium-sized dog with a muscular body, combining
Pemrock Welsh Corgi dog breed standard
They talked about Welsh Corgis back in the 10th century, but despite the fact that the breed was
Facts about the English Bulldog
Kennel of English bulldogs. English bulldog puppies, buy.
Video * We invite you to watch a video about the English Bulldog breed. In fact, in front of you is a playlist,
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