House for a dog on the street, how to make an enclosure
December 9, 2019 Construction Elena Kerra It is unthinkable to live in a private house without a dog. Firstly,
Russian hound: what is the character of the dog? Care and maintenance rules
History These animals appeared as a result of crossing the Russian hound with English and French similar ones.
West Highland White Terriers are natural born hunters and homebodies.
Main characteristics Breed parameters Country of origin: Scotland Weight of breed representatives: 6–10 kg Height
Interesting history of the breed
History of the breed The first information about Dandie Dinmont Terriers appeared in the sixteenth century. This is one of
the dog swallowed the figurine
What to do if your dog has a bone stuck in his intestines
Dogs are very curious by nature. but sometimes their curiosity leads to trouble. especially
How to wash a dog
Date: March 29, 2021 We have long perceived dogs living in the house as members
Fashionable haircuts for Yorkie boys in Rostov-on-Don
Benefits of grooming Today, hairstyles for long-haired dogs and cats in our country have become unusually
Appearance of the Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan mastiff
Appearance of the Tibetan Mastiff General impression What does Tsang-Khi look like? What you can see from the photo: Tibetan mastiffs
Grooming long-haired dogs
Haircut, trimming, grooming Vesta
Owners of animals with long hair are rightfully proud of their pets. Their luxurious hair allows
Tibetan Mastiff is one of the most expensive dogs in the world
Description of the breed The Tibetan Mastiff is a strong and robust dog that is well built and has a strong
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