Pregnancy of French Bulldogs

When can you breed a dog?

The female French bulldog is ready for the first mating when the third heat occurs, that is, at the age of approximately 1.5 years . From 9 to 14 days from the beginning of the emptying, the bitch can be mated with a male. By the behavior of the bitch you can determine her readiness (hunting): when stroking her back towards the tail, she raises her tail and squats without touching her butt to the ground.

Important! However, if when you touch the loop, its edges move apart spontaneously, then you cannot hesitate, since tomorrow it may already be too late.

It is not recommended to use male dogs for mating until they reach two years of age and after eight to ten years of age (depending on the state of his health and preservation of functions). Mating is best done in the first half of the day after a good walk and 3 hours after eating.

Mating French Bulldogs

The second control mating is carried out one or two days after the previous one. Some also conduct a third meeting in order to increase the chances of conception. It is better to record mating dates on a calendar to know the approximate due date.

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Choosing the right pair

In order to maintain the purity of the breed, when crossing, it is necessary to inquire about the pedigree of the “groom”, the conditions of his detention, the history of his birth and life, any successful fertilizations, and also look at documents about his origin and state of health.

Only healthy individuals should be allowed to breed. Dogs must be healthy both physically and psychologically . It is worth asking the breeder whether he paid due attention to the puppy’s sex education, and whether he limited his social freedom to communicate with other animals. The dog, both male and female, should not be overfed, that is, be physically fit, since obesity negatively affects the ability of male sperm to fertilize, and an obese female will tolerate pregnancy and childbirth worse, which in turn can pose a threat to life and the health of offspring.

This is interesting! It is better if the male is a little larger in size than the female - this will make it easier for him to breed.

The fertility of a bitch is a hereditary factor and does not depend on the male. The ability to bear offspring well and give birth without complications can also be inherited, but is not a guarantee. His behavior during mating will depend on the character of the male dog: some first show signs of attention to the lady and then begin intercourse, while others can immediately begin mating.

It is better if the potential “groom” and “bride” like each other, since the aggressiveness of the bitch can scare away the male and, conversely, a too shy and frightened “Frenchwoman” may be so afraid of her partner that she will have to be practically forcibly held back for mating, which in turn, can affect her attitude towards her offspring and distort maternal instincts.

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Mating French Bulldogs

The feed for mating animals should include various vitamins, proteins and macroelements. Dogs' diet also includes raw meat, eggs, and fish. For 1.5 months, the bulldog should be given anthelmintic drugs.

Before mating, animals are given vitamin A and oil - five to six drops each. Mating of French bulldogs lasts approximately one day, and there should be a gap between matings: in this case, the bitch’s egg remains viable for four to five days.

Owners should know that the fertility of a bitch does not depend on the dog’s pedigree, his sperm and the number of matings - it depends on hereditary factors. A dog's readiness for mating is determined by the position it takes: if you run your hand along its back, it squats without touching the ground.

During the crossing, dog owners must protect the animals from a nervous environment and from any stress. Owners must keep the bitch hygienically clean. Before mating, the bitch’s genitals are washed with a solution of rivanol.

Dogs are given food three hours before mating, and they are also played with about 4 hours before. At home and in natural conditions, the dog feels confident and calm, so it is generally recommended to bring a female dog to a male dog.

How mating will take place depends on the nature of the dogs: sometimes mating takes place from one cage, and sometimes the dog has to do several test cages and lick the bitch.

To avoid unforeseen situations, it is better to invite an instructor for pairing - especially if everything is happening for the first time. There are two types of mating for French bulldogs - free and hand. If the dogs are helped by people, it is called tame, and when the dogs themselves mate, it is free mating.

If the dog is much larger in size than the female, then the help of the owner or breeder is necessary for the animal during mating. The owner lifts the female’s body and places his knee under her belly; the dog is held by the hand by the lower back, the bitch is also held by the neck.

If the owner is holding a dog, it is not advisable to touch his organs, otherwise he will refuse mating. If the dog has already mated many times, then it is better to carry out free mating. However, it is important that the bitch feels interested in the male.

But the owner must still be nearby to prevent it from jerking to the side: this can cause injury to the dog, and the owner must hold his pet at this moment. Mating French bulldogs has a number of nuances, but the main thing is that the owners of the dogs are next to them at this moment.

Preparing a bulldog for mating

Before mating, it is necessary to carry out a number of measures: worming and taking other preventive measures to control pests, take care of the availability of vaccinations: if the vaccination period falls on mating or presumptive pregnancy, then it can be done a month before mating. Also, a month and a half before the expected date of breeding, the bitch should undergo a blood test to find out her main indicators and the presence of infections in her body.

Before mating, it is recommended to check the health of the French Bulldog

At the same time, it is necessary to begin adding a complex of microelements and vitamins to the food after prior consultation with a veterinarian. The same measures should be taken for the male dog. It is important that dogs do not experience stressful situations before mating (attacks or skirmishes with other animals, severe punishment from the owner, hunger, thirst, other experiences); they are also contraindicated during mating, and for bitches in the future.

Important! It would be a good idea to invite a breeding instructor or an experienced breeder.

For a better process, the bitch's loop is lubricated with Vaseline. The room for mating should be isolated, impassable, it is better for the curious to leave. The floors should not slip; to be more sure, you can remove toys and food from the room, leaving drink.

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Features of crossing (male/female)

Experienced breeders are inclined to believe that for a successful mating it is necessary to bring the bitch to the male, and not vice versa, since in his territory the male will be more confident in himself, which will increase the chances of fertilization. Most often, 2 types of knitting are used: freestyle and hand. In free-breeding, dogs are kept in the same room to perform copulation. This type of mating can be used if the bitch shows interest in the male, and the male is experienced in such intercourse.

When manually mating, the help of breeders is required, who will support the bitch in the required position and guide the male who has no experience or for some reason does not show an active interest in copulation. Hand mating is also used when mating a young bitch or a bitch that shows restlessness and some aggressiveness, for which it is better to put a muzzle on her.

With one hand they hold her by the collar, and with the other they support her stomach, while it is necessary to calm her down with gentle words and strokes . It is important to remember that a male dog’s penis should not be touched, otherwise he may simply refuse to continue the process or ejaculate prematurely. When the male's penis enters the female's genital tract, she may jerk in surprise or from incomprehensible sensations. It is necessary to hold it for several minutes until the penis enters the vagina and the dog begins to instinctively erect, after which the bitch’s sphincter contracts, a gluing occurs (lock) and she stands calmly.

Important! After mating, dogs need a short walk and rest.

If the dogs are in the castle for a period of time from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, or more, and at the end they are separated randomly, then the mating is considered to be a success. Dogs should not be forcibly separated until the sexual intercourse is complete. If, despite all efforts, the lock does not work, then this procedure must be repeated every other day, although if the sperm gets into the bitch’s genital tract, fertilization can occur after this attempt.

It is believed that during mating it is better to lead the French Bulldog bitch to the cable, and not vice versa

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There are two methods of knitting - freestyle and manual. Freestyle mating can be used when the bitch shows a clear interest in the dog, and the dog is an experienced partner, but all this should happen under the supervision of the owners, who can intervene at any time and provide assistance, for example, in the case when the dogs are in the castle, and the bitch can rush and cause serious injury to the dog.

When knitting by hand, the owners of the dogs provide assistance to them from the very first moment, and there may be an assistant present who is invited if necessary. If this is the first mating for a dog or bitch, it is advisable to have a specialist present.

The floor in the room should be covered with a rug or mats to prevent the dog’s paws from slipping. You need to have on hand: a muzzle, medical Vaseline and a cup of drinking water.

Before mating, prepare the bitch by washing her genitals with a solution of rivanol. The bitch is usually brought to the male, as it is believed that he feels more confident at home. On the day of mating, you need to treat the bitch with care, under no circumstances should you worry her or worry yourself, since the bitch is very sensitive and your excitement will be transferred to her. Mating is carried out in a quiet, secluded place. Do not feed your partners for 3-4 hours before mating. They need to be walked.

Acquaintance of partners occurs in different ways - more often depending on the character and temperament of the dog. Some males make it clear to the bitch that they do not intend to joke, growl at her and immediately mount her, others first court her, lick her ears and do several mounts, as if trying them on, others fall on their backs and flirt with her in every possible way.

If the bitch is aggressive, she should be muzzled and placed on a short leash, gently controlling the temperament of both. In this case, the owner holds the bitch by the collar, holding her while mounting the dog.

There is no need to encourage a male dog by pushing, shouting, or violence, this can lead to the opposite result. If nothing works out for a male dog, he is fussing too much, you can give him a rest. It is better to take the bitch out of the room for five to ten minutes.

For a successful mounting of a dog, especially if the bitch is much lighter than him, the owner of the dog can support her with his knee under the stomach as far as possible from the genitals. If, after several attempts, the male cannot mate with the female, then they must be separated and the female’s loop smeared with Vaseline; Perhaps the bitch doesn't have enough lubrication and they are in pain. It is also possible that she has an abnormal vaginal structure, which can be identified during examination by a specialist.

Mating of dogs, due to the specific structure of the male genital organ, occurs with the so-called mating, hence the term “mating”.

The eruption of semen (ejaculation) in a male dog occurs in three stages: first, a moisturizing fluid is released, then several thousand sperm, and finally the last portion, which washes the sperm into the body of the uterus, to the fallopian tubes. During the mating process, the male's penis moves out of the prepuce and increases in size, becoming very hard. The base of the male penis has a thickening - a bulb, which swells after the eruption of semen to a spherical shape, and as a result of its compression by the walls of the vagina - the circular muscles of the bitch (sphincter) - a gluing, or lock, is obtained. During normal mating, mating lasts from 5 to 20 minutes (sometimes up to 1 hour), and then the dogs separate themselves.

When helping, never touch the male dog's penis with your hands. Some males in this case refuse further mating.

If the dog cannot get into the loop after several attempts, especially if the bitch is tall or has a high position of the loop, the bitch must be placed so that the loop is at a level convenient for the dog, and if, on the contrary, the loop is low, it must be raised.

During the lock, the dog strives to take the most comfortable position. He turns around, moves his front and then his hind paw across the bitch’s back so that the partners are standing with their backs to each other. If necessary, the owner of the male dog helps him turn around. In some cases, the lock may not work, then the dog must be held on the bitch for so long until he moves away on his own.

The lock may not work if the dog is old, if he was ill before and did not have time to recover.

If you are going to repeat breeding on the same day, you need to give the dog a rest and take him outside.

If, during a decline in excitement, the penis remains swollen and does not enter the prepuce, it is necessary, to reduce the swelling, to lower it into a glass of cold water or make a cold lotion.

If the edge of the prepuce turns inward, it must be straightened by pulling it forward with your fingers.

Common mistakes made by breeders

To achieve success in the breeding of French bulldogs, it is necessary to follow the rules of keeping and raising animals, starting from the very first days, giving proper nutrition, household and sex education, ensuring the socialization of animals, but without being excessive in these matters. An important role is played by the owners' awareness of the characteristics of the breed, as well as the structure and function of the reproductive system of the female and male, which helps to avoid many problems.

To avoid mistakes and miscalculations during the first mating, it is of course better to ensure the presence of an experienced breeder with extensive positive experience . The advice of such a specialist will help owners in the future, especially when knitting by hand. Even with free mating, the dogs should not be left alone, since the bitch may jerk during entry or mating, which will result in injury to the male’s penis, if she previously favorably accepted his advances.

The nervousness of the owners when the dogs’ efforts are unsuccessful can be transmitted to the pets and nullify all the efforts of the participants in the process. An inexperienced male who does not move from courtship to cages needs encouragement; he can also be allowed to rest for 10-15 minutes, for which the bitch is taken to another room. An experienced male who refuses to mount sometimes makes it clear that the bitch is not yet ready for mating, so instead of forcing him to fulfill his “duties,” it is worth rescheduling the lady’s visit to another, more suitable day.

If a male member is in a loop, but a lock is not formed, this does not mean at all that fertilization will not take place; in this case, it is necessary to help the dogs and hold both of them in this state, simulating a lock, for about 15 minutes. In the end, without allowing sudden movements, let the male get off the bitch's back. If the lock does not work during all mating attempts, you need to seek help from a veterinarian - perhaps not everything is normal with the girl’s reproductive system. Young male dogs may ejaculate before entering the loop if he is overexcited and inexperienced. In this case, the penis most likely swells and can no longer physically enter the bitch’s vagina. There is no point in repeating attempts right away; it is better to reschedule the meeting or give the dogs the opportunity to rest separately for 2-3 hours.

This is interesting! Another serious mistake owners make, which leads to stress for the bitch and, accordingly, to a decrease in the chances of her fertilization, is holding her upside down by her hind legs after intercourse.

The first mating is best done in the presence of experienced specialists.

With a more serious study of the structure of the female reproductive system, one will be convinced of the uselessness of this procedure for a successful pregnancy, but such manipulations can be harmful to the mental and physical state of the female.

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Full formation of the body in female French bulldogs ends at eighteen to twenty-four months, in males - closer to one and a half years. Despite this, puberty in dogs of this breed begins much earlier:

  • in bitches - at six to eight months;
  • in males - at ten to twelve months.

Upon reaching this age, dogs' behavior changes sharply, and usually calm animals begin to pay attention to the opposite sex, mark their territory, and run away from their owner in search of a partner. Until the French Bulldog's body has fully developed, early matings, especially accidental ones, should not be allowed.

Owners of bitches will have to be especially vigilant, since mating too early and subsequent pregnancy and childbirth can undermine the health of the pet. The male dog also needs to be monitored. If it comes undone before the allotted time, the dog’s behavior can deteriorate dramatically. The male will get out of your control every time he senses the female is in heat.

Puberty in French bulldog bitches is accompanied by estrus, which repeats every six months. Mainly in spring and autumn. During the period of heat, the bitch becomes either lethargic and sleepy, or playful and excitable. In addition to changing behavior, the dog also changes in appearance. The animal's genitals begin to swell and increase in size, and discharge appears in the form of bloody mucus of varying consistency. The nipples may become enlarged and drops of milk may appear.

The owner of a French bulldog bitch needs to keep a calendar where the beginning and end of each heat must be recorded. Basically, estrus lasts twenty-one days and consists of several periods:

  • proestrus: lasts ten days, all signs of estrus are present, but the bitch is not yet ready for mating;
  • estrus: the dog’s body is ready for fertilization, she allows male dogs to approach her;
  • metaestrus: lasts ten days, discharge stops, all processes are restored, behavior stabilizes, the bitch is no longer interested in males;
  • anestrus: a period of rest, lasting a maximum of one hundred and fifty days, until the next estrus.

Entries in the calendar will help you determine the optimal day for mating. Also, the owner of the bitch will be able to track how long the process lasts and the interval between heats. For any deviations, you must contact a veterinarian for a timely examination and possible treatment.

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